Three Popular Styles of Mountain Bikes in Singapore Today

Getting around Singapore by bike can be rewarding and, for many, it is often only the beginning. The fact is that, while riding a cruiser or road bike around the streets of Singapore can be fun and satisfying, there are many other ways to enjoy this health-enhancing mode of transportation.

A single trip to a Singapore mountain bike shop can make that point in an extremely convincing way. Ranging from affordable bikes built for beginners to specialized rides meant for bombing downhill at high speed, bikes of this kind cover just about everyone today. Not only can riders choose a bike that will fit their physical dimensions, then, they can also find something that will specifically suit their goals, skills, and other characteristics.


Among those who buy a mountain bike from Bike Avenue in mountain bikes for sale in Singapore or a similar outlet, though, a few options do stand out as being the most popular. Most riders today look for a bike with both front and rear suspension, as these are capable of handling the greatest range of trail conditions. While adding these options does increase the weight of a bike and make its handling a little less agile, they also mean that even the biggest of bumps can be absorbed with little trouble or discomfort.

On the other hand, some riders do prefer bikes that lack at least rear suspensions. So-called “hard tail” bikes of this kind can be surprisingly capable, particularly for younger or more athletic riders who are capable of withstanding some shocks on their own. That makes the hard tail the second most popular style of bicycle at the average mountain bike shop in Singapore today, and a pleasure to ride in other respects, as well.

Finally, one more common choice at a mountain bike shop in the area today is a ride with larger wheels. Although all adult-sized bikes are equipped with wheels large enough to handle average trail conditions, still bigger ones can smooth out the ride even more. In recent years, bikes of this kind have made up an increasingly large share of the new models that manufacturers put on the market.

While not every rider will appreciate the blend of advantages and drawbacks that such bikes entail, enough do that their continued popularity seems like a sure thing. There are therefore plenty of interesting options to be found for just about anyone who might be attracted to mountain biking or even just to trying it out.


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